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Gestión integrada de recursos ambientales



Main/Common Objective:
The project has as main objective the development of decision support tools based on approaches to systematic, transparent, and technically objective (based on "knowledge") for the integrated management of environmental resources.

Within this framework, different projects oriented to the construction of a generic model based on the paradigms of process systems engineering can be defined, representing the ideal form of consumption and generation of various environmental resources, and implementing the required methodologies to support the model, continuously assessing the value of these resources to improve (optimize) its exploitation at different levels (strategic, tactical and
operational decisions) and applications (Integrated water management, mnanagement and recovery
of solid waste, control of industrial emissions, etc.).

Issues to consider include:
· Strategic planning (depending on the system studied, this decision may involve from determining
the best supply network design to the implementation of land use planning policy).
· The choice between different available resources (with the corresponding previous analysis to
determine the feasibility of possible alternatives).
· The allocation of resources to requirements.
· The integration of available resources: Integrated control of water sources and suppliers,
integration of energy and water systems (simultaneous minimization of environmental and
economic impacts), integration of production and maintenance of environmental quality,
sustainability (in its broadest sense), ....
· Managing the distribution of resources (or production, or the timing of production integrating the
use of environmental resources, etc.) reconciling economic and environmental objectives.