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NEW Publication in Expert Systems with Applications

Information retrieval from scientific abstract and citation databases: A query-by-documents approach based on Monte-Carlo sampling

A new publication in the journal "Expert Systems with Applications" (IF: 7.0) is now available in open-access (Link). The first author of this article is Fabian Lechtenberg, a second-year PhD student at CEPIMA. In the article, a novel methodology for sampling access-restricted databases based on a set of seed documents is presented. This information retrieval method is useful to go beyond what a completely manual literature search can do. The method relies on a repeated Monte-Carlo sampling procedure that takes the relevant keywords of the seed documents to construct queries to the database. 

If you want to apply the method to you own problem you can use the weblet available here (Link). In the future we will provide and roll-out a software with a graphical user interface.