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CEPEiMA: Publications 2014-2017 (SGR3)

Detail of the scientific production of the period 2014-2017.

Scopus seach:

AU-ID(6701703637) OR AU-ID(7004250759) OR AU-ID(16480817000) OR AU-ID(7006040179) OR AU-ID(56567796200) OR AU-ID(7004535454) OR AU-ID(7004989498) OR AU-ID(7006629745) OR AU-ID(24447737400) OR AU-ID(6603336240) OR AU-ID(35724298100) OR AU-ID(36470558500) OR AU-ID(7006443209) OR AU-ID(7003512708) OR AU-ID(7201355158) AND PUBYEAR > 2013

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