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Application procedure for BSc, MSc, PhD and PostDoc candidates

CEPIMA is open to the incorporation of new members, interested in developing research projects in the area of Chemical Processes Engineering, Process Systems Engineering and more specifically on the topics described in our welcome page.

(Please, check currently available positions at

If you are a BSc, MSc, PhD candidate, or a Post-Doc/researcher interested in joining CEPIMA, either as internal (UPC) or external (Internship...) student/research fellow, you should present your application via . Please include in your email the following 2 sets of documents: 

  1. - Your Curriculum Vitae, including transcripts, as well as an official document stating the average mark of the graduates in your promotion/place. 
    • Important: In the specific case of applicants with studies developed in foreign countries, please also include the information about equivalence of your grades in the Spanish system (both [0-4] and [0-10] ranges), 
    • You are expected to follow the procedure specified at Decision dated on March 21, 2016 and July 21, 2016 by the "Direcció General de Política Universitària del Ministeri d'Educació, Cultura i Esport" (you may use the equivalent links: link1  - link2) .
      • Please note that these additional documents, in the specific form provided by the above mentioned links, will be required when/if you intend to apply for funding in most local granting calls.

    2.- A letter of intent with explicit indication of

    • Specific objectives (of any kind: technical, academic, personal, scientific,...).
    • Eventual expertise in research and development, academic and / or industry.
    • Specific experience/expertise in the research areas related to CEPIMA research lines (PSE / CAPE tools; Modeling; Environmental Analysis; knowledge extraction; ...)
    • Prospects for funding your internship, studies and/or research project (for example: own resources,  Alban program, AECID grant, UPC grants (and/or other public open calls), RTD project (please specify the institution providing the funding), etc.). This information should include, if applicable:
      • travel and accommodation expenses,
      • registration expenses,
      • materials required for your proposed research project,
      • etc.
    • Expected availability, dedication, temporal frame, etc.
    • Long/medium term perspectives,
    • Detailed description of the formalities required to start up the process (for example: invitation/acceptance letter, ...) and/or any other formality eventually required during and at the end of the process (for example: documents that will be required for the recognition of your internship, studies and/or research in your home institution, if applicable).
    • References (you may also include recommendation letters) and
    • Any other information you consider of interest.

During the selection process will be considered of especial value skills, knowledge and / or experience in areas such as process control, system modeling, optimization, statistical analysis, operations scheduling, use of computer calculation tools, etc.

In the specific case of candidates aiming to develop a Master or a PhD research, their studies will be developed within the framework of the Research Master and Doctoral Program in Chemical Processes Engineering, both from the Technical University of Catalonia (

These studies are organized according to the current legal specifications, as described on the UPC website (postgraduate or doctorate), although it should be clear that the process is likely to suffer changes in the forthcoming months / years due to the adaptation of the corresponding regulations to the guidelines of the European Space of Higher Education. In these webpages it is also described the different stages and indicative completion times, though logically they depend on the skills and dedication of the candidate.