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Montserrat Pérez-Moya



Centre d'Enginyeria de Processos i Medi Ambient (CEPIMA)

Departament d'Enginyeria Química - UPC - EUETIB Carrer Comte d'Urgell 187, SA09C

E-08036 Barcelona, Spain
Phone (+34) 93 41 37275


Montserrat Pérez Moya is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and researcher of the Centre for Process and Environmental Engineering (CEPIMA). She obtained her M.Eng. in 1996, and her Ph.D. in 2001, from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Her thesis “Degradation of organic compounds in paper and textile industrial wastewaters by Advanced Oxidation Processes” was granted by the Ministery of Science and Education (FPI Grant).

Since 1996 her research interests have focused on Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), as Photocatalysis, Ozonization, Fenton and Photo-Fenton, mainly applied to decrease the level of contamination of wastewaters coming from highly contaminant industries as Paper and Textile factories, but also to recalcitrant compounds as Chlorophenols. In this field, she collaborated with the group of Professor Marc A. Anderson, in the Water Chemistry Department, Wisconsin University (1998) with the aim to develop a photocatalytic reactor. Two years later, she focused her research on the modeling of the Advanced Oxidation Processes during her stage in the “Laboratorio de Recursos Renovables” Universidad de Concepción, Chile, with the group of Professor Héctor D. Mansilla.

She has participated in technology transfer projects with private institutions and several public and privite research projects. She has co-authored more than 20 in international journals such as Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Water Research, Chemosphere. Also, she has presented several communications in International Congresses.


Since 2001 he has been lecturing Chemical Engineering at Escola Universitària d’Enginyeria Tècnica de Industrial de Barcelona (EUETIB). His teaching experience includes innovative projects presented to Engineering Education conferences and awarded with the Vicens Vives distinction (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Reseach interests

Her research interests are Advanced Oxidation Processes.

Recent publications

Systematic Assessment of the Influence of Hydrogen Peroxide Dosage on Caffeine Degradation by the Photo-Fenton Process

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Volume 51 (13), 5 March 2012, Pages 4770–4778

Evelyn Yamal-Turbay, Moisès Graells, Montserrat Pérez-Moya


A practical parametrical characterization of the Fenton and the photo-Fenton sulfamethazine treatment using semi-empirical modeling

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Volume 86Issue 6June 2011, Pages 826–831
Montserrat Pérez-Moya, Héctor D. Mansilla, Moisès Graells

Experimental design of Fenton and photo-Fenton reactions for the treatment of ampicillin solutions

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 177, Issues 1–3, 15 May 2010, Pages 1025-1030
Oscar Rozas, David Contreras, M. Angélica Mondaca, Montserrat Pérez-Moya, Héctor D. Mansilla

Characterization of the degradation performance of the sulfamethazine antibiotic by photo-Fenton process
Water ResearchVolume 44, Issue 8April 2010Pages 2533-2540
Montserrat Pérez-MoyaMoisès Graells, Gloria Castells, Jordi Amigó, Esther Ortega, Guillem Buhigas, Leonardo M. Pérez, Héctor D. Mansilla

Photocatalytic oxidation of the antibiotic tetracycline on TiO2 and ZnO suspensions

Catalysis Today, Volume 144, Issues 1–2, 15 June 2009, Pages 100-105
Rodrigo A. Palominos, María A. Mondaca, Ana Giraldo, Gustavo Peñuela, Montserrat Pérez-Moya, Héctor D. Mansilla