Buisness and Innovation Award goes to CEPIMA Member

The MECCE Buisness and Innovation Award took place on 16th September 2021. The idea of the contest was approaching current Ph.D. students to innovation and the opportunities to drive research into the market. Ph.D. students too often see their doctoral research as just publishing scientific papers, produce a doctoral dissertation, and start an academic career, if possible. Innovation and marketing research are mostly perceived as something only possible later, in the framework of consolidated research groups.

Six participants presented their various Buisness Ideas. Among those PhD students, Fabian Lechtenberg, 2nd year student in CEPIMA, has been selected for the best Buisness and Innovation idea. His presentation was titled Automated Retrieval of Process Data and Knowledge from Academic Databases with IRenE. The presented Information Retrieval tool can be tested on CEPIMAs webpage (Link).