Moisès Graells


Centre d'Enginyeria de Processos i Medi Ambient (CEPIMA)

Departament d'Enginyeria Química - UPC - EEBE
Av. Eduard Maristany, 10-14,  ( I5.14) 
E-08019 Barcelona, Spain

Phone (+34) 93 41 37275


Moisès Graells is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He holds a degree in Chemical Science from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, 1989). After a brief experience in high school and industry, he was granted by FI/DGU (Generalitat de Catalunya) and obtained his Ph.D. in 1996 at UPC. His thesis on Process Systems Engineering was supervised by Prof. Luis Puigjaner.

Since 1991 he has been a researcher at the group led by Prof. Puigjaner and he has participated in several R+D national and international projects funded by public (EU programs JOULE, ESPRIT, BRITE, GROWTH, IMS, etc., national programs CICYT, CIRIT, CEDETI, etc.) and private institutions (Hyprotech, Bayer, The CO-LaN). He has also participated in technology transfer and cooperation projects, and TEMPUS projects for restructuring engineering courses at diverse eastern and former USSR countries (Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc.). He has co-authored more than 40 research papers in international journals; he has co-supervised four Ph.D. thesis, published three book chapters in specialized monographs and presented more than 100 communications in national and international meetings.


Since 1998 he has been lecturing Chemical Engineering at different UPC schools: Escola Universitària Politècnica de Vilanova i la Geltrú (EUPVG), Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria de Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB) and Escola Universitària d’Enginyeria Tècnica de Industrial de Barcelona (EUETIB). His teaching experience includes innovative projects presented to Engineering Education conferences and awarded with the Vicens Vives distinction (Generalitat de Catalunya).


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Reseach interests

His research interests have focused on the modeling and optimization of chemical processes, especially batch processes, and also on process integration, waste management and scheduling and planning. Regarding methodological aspects, his interests are the modeling and optimization techniques: math programming, stochastic and metaheuristic algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer aided tools for decision making, and information management and standardization.

He has focused on the application of these techniques to Real Time Optimization (RTO), the design of instrumentation networks, and the design and operation of distributed wastewater treatment systems. Recently, his investigation also includes the modeling of complex chemical systems (Advanced Oxidation Processes and photo-induced degradation of pollutants) and the study of renewable energy systems (energy supply chain, energy from biomass and micro-grid integrated design and planning).


Recent publications


Enhanced photo-Fenton process for tetracycline degradation using efficient hydrogen peroxide dosage

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Evelyn Yamal-Turbay, Esther Jaén, Moisès Graells, Montserrat Pérez-Moya


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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 19, March 2013, Pages 541-554

Jordi de la Hoz, Helena Martín, Jordi Ballart, Felipe Córcoles, Moisès Graells


Supervisory Control for Real Time Reactive Power Flow Optimization in Islanded Microgrids

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Volume 32, 2013, Pages 325-330

Adam Milczarek, Juan C. Vasquez, Mariusz Malinowski, Josep M. Guerrero, Moisès Graells


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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Volume 51 (13), 5 March 2012, Pages 4770–4778

Evelyn Yamal-Turbay, Moisès Graells, Montserrat Pérez-Moya


Enhanced plant fault diagnosis based on the characterization of transient stages

Computers & Chemical EngineeringVolume 3710 February 2012Pages 200-213

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Fault diagnosis of a benchmark fermentation process: a comparative study of feature extraction and classification techniques

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Academic performance and success rate: A challenge problem for the PSE community

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A semi-supervised approach to fault diagnosis for chemical processes

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