NEW Publication in Journal of Cleaner Production

Targeting economic and environmental benefits associated with the integration of regeneration units in water systems

A new publication from CEPIMA in "the Journal of Cleaner Production" (IF: 7.2) is now available in open-access. The publication is first-authored by Fabian Lechtenberg, a second year PhD student in the group. The results of this publication have been previously presented on the Second International Conference on Water and Sustainability where the Oral presentation was awarded with a third-best presentation award.

In this contribution a methodology for revealing economical and technical barriers of implementing water regeneration units for a more circular water system is presented. It is applied to a benchmark case study of an Eco-Industrial Park size. From the comparison with the literature solutions it is evident that cooperative strategies are promising to achieve both economic and environmental benefits through industrial symbiosis. 

Moreover, the results of the application of the method can be used to facilitate decision-making of main stakeholders in the water market.