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WWTP output management

Optimal WWTP output management

Within the framework of the AIMS Project, this proposal addresses the challenges associated to the optimization of the use of the output of Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) in different scenarios, optimizaing the economic, environmental and social performance from a holistic, non-hierarchical and cross-sectoral point of view.

Case studies based on real WWTPs in the area of Barcelona will be proposed

The candidate is expected to participate in the formulation and solution of ad-hoc models through his/her involvement in one or more of the following projects/tasks:

  • Strategic study of the potential applications of WWTP output
    • Problem identification, development of the associated materials taxonomy and characterization/formulation of consistency rules. Implementation of a system ontology to relate all these elements.
    • Development of ad-hoc strategic modeling approaches
    • Development of ad-hoc strategic multi-objective optimization approaches
  • Enhance WWTP output reusability by Improving WWTP Control through Data Mining (DMIC)
    • Extensive use of data mining procedures for the development of Soft sensing strategies required to complement Advanced Process Control requirements.(APC)
    • Development of ad-hoc dynamic models
    • Development of APC Strategies to improve and maintain water quality levels

The models to be developed shall be able to consider two basic aspects of the problem, often over-simplified or even ignored: the existence of multiple, conflicting, non-additive objectives, and the uncertainty associated to the lack of reliable information, not always revealed by third parties.


Interested candidates must follow the procedure indicated at