Aplicaciones de Modelos de Simulación y Optimización en Ingeniería de Procesos y Sistemas - IV

Qualitative Analysis of Trends - Two applications related to the water cycle

Speaker: Dr. Kris Villez (Research Associate, Purdue University, IN -  USA)

Date/time: Friday, July 08, 12:00
Place: ETSEIB - building G-2 (room "audiovisuales"), Diagonal 647, Barcelona


Qualitative analysis techniques are used to segment time series into different episodes with a particular shape, corresponding to the first and second derivative. However, because time series are typically noisy, random, noisy features need to be separated from deterministic behavior. To this end, a technique called Qualitative Representations of Trends (QRT) was adopted. The essence of this technique will be explained in the seminar.
Furthermore, results for two applications of QRT will be explained as well. In the first one, the flow rates in a drinking water pumping station are interpreted via qualitative analysis, leading to intuitive interpretation of the dynamic behavior. In the second one, qualitative analysis is used as part of a diagnostic tool for supervisory control of a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) for biological nutrient removal.

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