Aplicaciones de Modelos de Simulación y Optimización en Ingeniería de Procesos y Sistemas - III

Advanced Design of Chemical Processes for Efficient Use of Energy

Speaker: Prof. Toshko Zhelev (Univ. of Limerick - Ireland)

Date/time: Wednesday, December 1, 12:30
Place: ETSEIB - building G-2 (room "audiovisuales"), Diagonal 647, Barcelona


This seminar will focus on one of the most realistic and promising options to deal with current energy crises – industrial energy conservation. The speaker will emphasize the importance of the cheapest and shortest ways of gaining energy independence for his home country – Ireland. He will present a line of well known energy conservation approaches and units and goes beyond the state of the art by introducing important links between different resources in industrial applications. Finally he will focus on new challenges and some possible advanced solutions related to the new industrial “geography” in Europe and the penetration of new vanguard technologies like micro-reactor technology for distributed fuel generation and eMergy analysis for design/redesign driving Life-cycle type of sustainability analysis
About the Speaker:

Dr Toshko Zhelev has first degree in Chemical Cybernetics from the University of Chemical Technology, Moscow. His PhD was on Energy conservation and was awarded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemical Engineering (Laboratory of Process Systems Engineering) where he worked for a decade.

Between 1991 and 1994 Dr Zhelev was appointed as a research fellow at the Department of Process Integration, UMIST, Manchester (the fatherland of Pinch technology) where he worked in the area of batch process integration in conditions of variability. He participated in number of EC supported Inter-university projects under Joule and Tempus programs.

In late 1996 he joined the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Durban-Westville, South Africa, where he led research projects for more than 3.5 million rands. Research activities were in the area of energy conservation and environment protection with applications for power production (industrial boilers efficiency improvement, flue gas energy recovery), pulp and paper industry (cooling systems optimisation) and wastewater treatment (cost efficiency improvement).

In March 2003 he joined the Department of Chemical and Environmental Science, University of Limerick, where he is engaged with the Graduate Diploma program in Chemical Engineering run in collaboration between the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering.

Prof Zhelev’s interests are in areas such as process systems engineering, process integration and industrial resources management. His latest achievements are related to future extension of Pinch method of systems analysis and design for combined water and energy conservation/management; the creation of the Oxygen pinch method for wastewater treatment efficiency improvement; the introduction of eMergy analysis as extension of Pinch concept for design of more sustainable processes, and the implementation of process integration concepts for small and medium enterprises allocated in industrial parks

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