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Query-by-Document Tool

Submit a set of documents and receive a list of relevant and related documents!

STATUS: Online

This form will submit your "query-by-document" request to CEPIMAs Kripto server where IRenE will take care of your request. After submission of the form you will receive two emails:

(1) The first one will provide you with the relevant keywords related to your submitted documents.

(2) The second one will be send after a while and contains a ranked list of documents related to your submitted documents.

Note 1: Usually, you will receive the results within 1 hour but it can take up to one day if the system is offline or other queries are being processed.

Note 2: Currently, only Scopus can be used as source. We are working on adding other databases. Please let us know which one you would be most interested in. 

For further guidelines please check this document.

 IRenE Scheme


This is the video dedicated to the ESCAPE31 presentation of the tool